I’m Bringing Hell to You
Oil on Canvas
36 by 48 SOLD

L’etranger (the Stranger), 36 by 48 SOLD

No Sun Shining Through
Oil on Canvas
30 by 60

Until it Sleeps, 30 by 40 SOLD

House of Usher
Oil on Canvas
12 by 24 SOLD

We Built Cathedrals, 36 by 48

Down in Dragontown, 44 by 44

Beyond the realms of Death, 36 by 48 SOLD

Fire Burns Below, 36 by 48 SOLD

With the air of Freedom the Flame burns bright, 40 by 40SOLD

Light the Flame and Turn Away, 12 by 22 SOLD

Run Like Hell, 48 by 60 SOLD

When the Lights Go Down, 30 by 40 SOLD

The Thunder Rolls (lithograph Print), 10 by 13

Run on For a long time, Lithograph Print, 10 by 13

“The Abyss”, 30 by 40, oil on Canvas, 2015 SOLD

Lest We Drown from the Darkness Within, 48 by 60

Let it Burn, Until the Image fades Away, 36 by 60

Say a Prayer When It’s All Over
Oil on Canvas
36 by 48 On Hold

Peace of Mind
Oil on Canvas
30 by 40

I see the Light but I’ll Never get There, 36 by 60 SOLD

Message in a bottle, 11 by 14 SOLD

The Red Light goes on, its time to begin, 24 by 36 SOLD

They say that its over and it just had to be, 24 by 36 SOLD

Whatever Happened to the Dream Sublime?, 24 by 36 SOLD

All too Hazy, I think It’s Clear, 11 by 14 SOLD

Realign, 9 by 12 SOLD

If I could hold back the rain, 12 by 12 SOLD

Generation Dead, 16 by 20

Sir Hugo Baskerville, shown at Crossly theatre in Hollywood CA

Tell Me Where this Truly All Went Wrong, 30 by 40

Silent Reveries, 16 by 20 SOLD

The Voices Died With Me, 16 by 20 SOLD

Sometimes the Nightmare’s Gone, 30 by 40

If this is Armageddon, then who the Hell Are you?

I’ll Take any risk, to tie back the hands of time, 36 by 48

Outlaw State of Mind, 30 by 40,

Solitary Man, 12 by 22, SOLD

Time so Wasted it Wastes Away, 12 by 24, SOLD

All the World will Hear You, 18 by 24, SOLD

Coin For the Ferryman, oil on Canvas SOLD

Beneath Solitude, Oil on Canvas, 18 by 24, SOLD

The Flaneur, 36 by 48, Oil on Canvas

When All the Giants Fell, 18 by 24, Oil on canvas

As Long as You’ll be my Friend at the End, Oil on Canvas, 36 by 48

Oil Paintings

These oil paintings are from my semesters as a BFA starting in 2014 all the way to present projects and murals/commission paintings.