Tell me now where this truly went wrong, 36 by 48

Down in Dragontown, 44 by 44

In Extremis, 36 by 48

We Built Cathedrals, 36 by 48

If this is Armageddon, who the hell are you?, 38 by 43

Phenomenon, 12 by 12

Generation Dead, 16 by 20

I’ll Take any Risk to tie back the hands of time, 36 by 48

When All the Giants Fell, 18 by 24, Oil on Canvas

Don’t let hope become a memory, 5 by 7

The Story’s Just Beginning, 6 by 8

The world is Dark just keep going, 6 by 8

Until it Sleeps, various sizes

Bloodbath in paradise, 36 by 48

cruel, cruel summer, 16 by 20

Wash my illusions away, 16 by 20

Now I’ve wandered on asking where you might’ve gone, 36 by 48

We do the best we can by the light we have to see by, 30 by 40

As long As you’ll be my friend in the end, 30 by 40

Fitzcarraldo, 30 by 40

solitude, various sizes by commission

If we could have start again, would that have changed the end? 12 by 18

figuring out which way to go, 11 by 14

Mesmerized by a world they only knew, 36 by 48

Works For Sale

All of these works are available for sale and are available at my studio in Spring City PA. Please email or the Contact Me page with questions or inquiries. Thank you for your interest!